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    A JIF file is a raster graphic saved in the JPEG Interchange Format (JIF). It typically stores digital photos and web graphics, much like .JPG and .JPEG image files. JIF files are compressed using lossy Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) compression to reduce the size of the image.

    PPM is short for Portable Pixmap Format. Although these files are rare these days, you can spot one by looking out for the . PPM extension. The PPM format emerged in the late 1980s to make sharing images between different platforms easier.

    How to convert JIF to PPM for Free?


    Drag and Drop or Browse Your Images

    First, you can either drag and drop your images or browse your computer to upload them. You will see a table that displays all the files you have selected.


    Select the Formats You Want to Convert To

    In the table, you will find buttons labeled "Convert To." Click on this button and search for the format you desire, then select your chosen format. Alternatively, you can click on "Convert all to" to apply the same format to all your files in bulk.


    Convert and download your files

    Finally, click on the "Convert" button and wait a moment for the conversions to complete. Afterward, click on the "Download All" button to download all the files as a ZIP file.

    Can I Convert JIF to PPM?

    Yes, you can convert images from JIF to PPM by using our JIF to PPM converter. Image conversion tools, including online converters, are available to facilitate this process. Converting your images from JIF to PPM can be useful for various purposes, such as optimizing file sizes, compatibility, or enhancing image quality. Explore the available tools or online converters to achieve your desired format conversion from JIF to PPM.

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