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With our easy-to-use QR code generator, you can create custom QR codes for your business, website, or personal use in just a few clicks. Best of all, it's completely free!

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Qr Code Settings

How to make a qr code


Open the QR code generator, enter a URL and tap Create QR Code. The image instantly changes to show your new QR code. Pro tip: paste in the URL rather than typing it in the field. That way, it's sure to be correct.


Customize the style and color of your free generated QR code to match your branding. Consider making a few versions in different formats if you want to track scans or usage statistics.


Select your desired file type and download the QR code image to your device. Choose a vector file (SVG format) if you want to change the QR code size without impacting the image resolution - vector images are easier to scale. You can also download it as a .jpg or .png, depending on your needs.

The Best Free QR Code Generator

Introducing Filator QR Code Generator – your ultimate solution for creating dynamic QR codes. As one of the leading QR code generators available on the web, Filator offers a comprehensive range of features and powerful settings to elevate your QR code experience. With our advanced technology, you can effortlessly generate unlimited high-resolution QR codes tailored to your specific needs.

Some uses of qr codes

Download Your QR Codes for Free in Multiple Formats

At Filator QR Code Generator, we believe in providing you with the utmost convenience and flexibility. That's why we are thrilled to offer you the ability to download your QR codes for free in three different formats: PNG, SVG vectors, and EPS printable files. We understand that your QR codes may have varying use cases, whether it's for digital purposes or high-quality print materials. With these three file types at your disposal, you can seamlessly integrate your QR codes across different mediums and ensure optimal readability.

Firstly, PNG files are perfect for digital applications. They offer a compact size while maintaining excellent image quality, making them ideal for websites, social media platforms, email signatures, and more. With a transparent background option, you can effortlessly overlay your QR codes onto various designs and layouts, ensuring a seamless visual integration.

Secondly, SVG vectors are a game-changer when it comes to scalability. Unlike raster-based images, SVG vectors retain their sharpness and clarity regardless of the size. This format is perfect if you need to resize your QR codes for large-scale print materials such as banners, posters, or billboards. You can scale them up or down without worrying about pixelation or loss of quality, ensuring your QR codes always look pristine and professional.

Lastly, for those seeking the utmost print quality and versatility, we offer EPS printable files. EPS files are commonly used in professional graphic design and printing workflows. With their exceptional image resolution and compatibility with various printing processes, you can confidently include your QR codes in brochures, business cards, product packaging, and any other print materials. Our EPS files ensure that your QR codes retain their visual integrity, even in high-resolution and demanding printing environments.

With Filator QR Code Generator, downloading your QR codes in PNG, SVG vectors, and EPS printable files is hassle-free and absolutely free of charge. Enjoy the freedom to use your QR codes across digital and print platforms with the peace of mind that comes from having the right file format at your disposal. Start generating and downloading your QR codes now, and unlock endless possibilities for your business or personal needs.

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